Creativity Centre

On Saturday morning my family and I were invited to the new #DigiPlaySpace for a #digiMeetUp the TIFF Bell Lightbox. This is the fourth edition of the #DigiPlaySpace. It runs for 6 weeks from March 7 to April 19, 2015.

DigiPlaySpace is a great way to test children’s imagination. There are all sorts of different types of games and activities to do.

My top three favourite activities were:

#1. Be in the Scene Take 2! 

Artist: Aaron Van Domelen |Canada
“Get really into the movie with digiPlaySpace’s green-screen technology and take off on your own big screen adventure”

Being on the ‘green-screen’ was like an adventure! I got to touch the Eiffel Tower and I wasn’t even on vacation! It is pretty amazing. I wish my mommy had done it too!

#2. Touch da Beat

Artist: Star Productions | Canada
“Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care! Start with a beat and build your own song as you take the stage and rock the party on the worlds’ most advanced DJ system, created by Canadian innovators SmithsonMartin”.

Touch da Beat is a good experience for kids because it lets you learn how to make a beat in case they want to be a DJ when they grow up!

Artist: Dave Sharples | USA
“Get ready for some sonic experimentations with this new musical instrument that uses a grid of joysticks to create on-of-a-kind electronic sounds. The joysticks are arranged in a honeycomb shaper that makes it easy to learn and play music by exposing hidden musical patterns”.


I liked Joytone because it was exciting to discover different sounds.

Thank you to the team at TIFF Bell Lightbox and the #DigiPlaySpace team for having me!

Note from Mom: This was a fabulous morning! It was super exciting to see her imagination challenged as she manipulated the exhibitions. It truly put the power of technology in the hands of the kids!  Tickets for digiPlaySpace are on sale now for educators, TIFF Members and the general public. Entry to digiPlaySpace is $10 and combo packages are available.  For more information, click here.


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